More Big News!

I am quickly learning the in the world of MMA nothing is written in stone. Well, except your legacy. ACC is currently in the process of signing Shane Ott for competitive action in the IFL's 2007 World Grand Prix. Negotiations are leading to a first round match up with IFL veteran and former Olympian Antoine Jaoude. I all works out Shane and I will be in Chicago on 11/3/07 for a run at the IFL Superheavy weight Grand Prix Champion belt. This event will be televised live from the Sears Centre in Chicago IL. With additional news this past weekend had Shane, Jim, and Diego taking a trip to New York for the IFL open tryouts. Upon arrival Shane was advised that due to his prior appearances in the IFL there was no need to try out. For the remainder of the day Shane assisted the staff with ref. duties. With over twenty 155lb athletes Jim and Diego had their work cut out for them. As the day progressed Jim and Diego survived the prelim cuts and made it to the MMA portion of the try outs. Jim was the first to fight and secured a position in the national try outs by winning his match up with a ref. stoppage in the second round. Diego lost a hard found but close decision to Binky Jones. The second round ended with Diego applying an extremly extended arm bar. The reported Mexico fight has now been pushed back into Jan. of 2008. A replacement fight is scheduled for the first weekend of Dec. The event will be held in Lincroft NJ. Jim, Diego, and Shane are slated to fight.