Kock Secures Win! Yourey Drops Decision.

Don Kock secured his fifth victory by locking in a front choke just seconds into the second round.  After a first round of both fighter feeling each other out Don came out swinging for the start of the second round.  His opponent agreed with the tactic and both stood toe to toe exchanging blows.  With both fighter landing some good shots Don snapped his opponents head down and secured the choke rendering him unconscience.  Congratulations to Don!

Yourey had a much harder time with his opponent who secured takedowns in all three rounds.  The fight consisted of Gino fighting from his back and attempting submission and sweeps.  With the exception of one secured arm bar attempt in the second round, Gino was unable to mount much of an attack.  Gino has learned fron the first loss of his career and will be back in the gym working to improve his game.   ongratulation