Gino Yourey wins debut!

dGino Yourey

Pictured above L-R Gino Sr., Gino Yourey, Jeff Walcott

Gino Yourey impressed all with poise and determination.

This past Saturday night Gino Yourey made his MMA debut by facing off with 168 lb fighter Paul Almquist.  The fight started with a fast pace with both fighters meeting in the middle of the ring and exchanging blows.  With neither backing down the first round ended with both fighters inflicting damage to each others face.  The second round started as the first with strikes landing for both fighters. Half way through the second round it appeared that Paul was showing some signs of fatigue and attempted a sacrafice throw that failed.  Gino landed in the mounted position and ended the round strong.  The third round consisted of the same exchanges but with Gino pushing the pace and landing the more effective blows. With Gino establishing the edge in the stand up, his opponent attempted another take down which ended in a dominant position for Yourey.  With the round coming to an end Paul Almquist displayed determination and heart by reversing Gino's mounted position.  Gino controled the reversal by utilizing an open guard and enjoyed a cheer from the crowd as the bell sounded the end of the fight.  Prior to Gino's hand being raised in victory the anouncer gave the judges results as 30-27 30-27 29-28 all in favor of ACC fighter Gino Yourey. 

We are all proud of Gino's debut and look forward to his continued success.  ACC would also like to recognize the refined fighting skills and determination that Paul Almquist displayed during the bout.  This was Paul's first appearance in the cage and it appears that he will have much success in our sport. We wish him luck.

Gino prefight

Gino preps for first fight.  

Sat, 2010-09-18 (All day)
Hamburg Field House