Former ACC Teammate Saves Own Life!

Tucker Elliott, a former Schuylkill Haven resident and ACC teammate, was enjoying a great nights sleep when he was startled awake in his new Orlando Florida apartment.  Tucker is currently attending college in Orlando and, after spending his first night in his new apartment, woke up to a handgun pointed at his head.  While Tucker was sleeping, two assailants broke into the apartment with the intent to steal valuables.  One of the assailants made the mistake of pointing a weapon at Tucker and gave commands to submitt to their treachery.  In an instinctive reaction, Tucker swatted the gun from his face and the grappling match was on.  While grappling with the assailant, the co-conspirator  was hitting Tucker in an attempt to free his partner.  Now, anyone who has had the "pleasure" to grapple with Tucker knows you are not getting out of his guard easily.  Tucker maneuvered the dirtbag taking his back and choked rendered him unconscience.  After seeing his partner in crime go limp the second assailant fleed the scene.  Police were called and arrested the submitted disarmed suspect.  All of those hours of hard work were more than worth it.  GREAT JOB TUCKER! STAY SAFE!

Mon, 2011-09-05 15:00
Orlando Florida