Bova Dominates!!

Jim Bova Tony Willams GNPThis past Friday night Jim Bova steam rolled over his opponent to secure this fourth professional MMA win and twelfth overall. Seconds after the round one bell sounded Jim Bova slipped Tony Williams jab and secured an upper body clinch. Jim was well aware of his opponent's dangerous standup skills and wasted no time in pinning Tony up against the cage. Shortly after, Jim took Tony Williams to the mat and secured top side control. Jim then worked to knee on the belly and started his onslaught of punches. Tony eventually turned to avoid Jim's strikes which allowed Jim to establish rear mount. Continuing with his delivery of heavy blows Bova kept pressuring. Toney Williams displayed a fighter's spirit and refused to submit to Bova's relentless attack. Jim switched his tactic and secured a rear naked choke which rendered his opponent unconscious.