Blake Uhler Take First At Kumite Classic In Pittsburgh

 Blake Uhler


On May 29, 2010, Blake competed in the Kumite Classic which was held in Pittsburgh, Pa.  Blake placed first in his age and weight group by submitting his first opponent with an arm bar and submitting his second opponent with a guillotine.

Anthracite Combat Club congratulates Blake on his recent success. Blake continues to make great strides in his MMA development and we are all looking forward to Blake's MMA debut in a few years.   

On May 28, 2010, Anthracite Combat Club member Blake Uhler competed in his first grappling tournament.  Blake competed in the Weirton  Bando Grappling Tournament which was held in Weirton, West Virginia.  Due to lack of competition in the teen age group, Blake was placed in the adult division where he earned a third place finish by winning two of his four matches.