Blake Uhler Take First At Kumite Classic In Pittsburgh

 Blake Uhler


On May 29, 2010, Blake competed in the Kumite Classic which was held in Pittsburgh, Pa.  Blake placed first in his age and weight group by submitting his first opponent with an arm bar and submitting his second opponent with a guillotine.

Brad "The Grizz" Brandt places in top four.

Grizz Grappling

ACC member Brad "The Grizz" Brandt competed in his first grappling tourney the past February. The Grizz competed in the Central PA Warrior Challenge which was held in Lancaster, PA.

Brad finished fourth in his weight division by winning two of his three matches. Congrats to Brad and we are looking forward to his MMA debute soon.

Bova Dominates!!

Jim Bova Tony Willams GNPThis past Friday night Jim Bova steam rolled over his opponent to secure this fourth professional MMA win and twelfth overall. Seconds after the round one bell sounded Jim Bova slipped Tony Williams jab and secured an upper body clinch. Jim was well aware of his opponent's dangerous standup skills and wasted no time in pinning Tony up against the cage. Shortly after, Jim took Tony Williams to the mat and secured top side control. Jim then worked to knee on the belly and started his onslaught of punches. Tony eventually turned to avoid Jim's strikes which allowed Jim to establish rear mount. Continuing with his delivery of heavy blows Bova kept pressuring. Toney Williams displayed a fighter's spirit and refused to submit to Bova's relentless attack.

Pain on Penn Street II

Anthracite Combat Club team member Jim Bova will be competing in Pain on Penn Street II on December 4th. The event is a hybrid MMA/Boxing event that features talented mixed martial artists and boxers. The event takes place on Dec. 4th at the Sovereign Center in Reading, PA. For more information visit

Pain on Penn St. Part 2Pain on Penn St. Part 2

Fri, 2009-12-04 18:30
Sovereign Center, Reading, PA

Pat Paulo

Paulo punches to TKO victory!

Pat Paulo moved his overall record to 4-1-1 on Friday night at the Hamburg Field House. Pat secured the victory via TKO in the third round. Pat made a conscience effort to keep the fight standing, wanting to test his developing striking skills. As the fight progressed Pat did just that. Although his opponent, Chris Terran, was very skilled and powerful Pat appeared to take Chris out of his game with crisp and accurate punches. Pat finished the fight with a quick break off the clinch and continued to land punches which backed Chris up onto the cage. Congratulations to Pat.

Sat, 2009-08-29 (All day)
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