Anthracite Combat Club Has New Home!

Anthracite Combat Club has relocated into Schuylkill County's newest fitness center "The Jungle".  Our new location provides access to state of the art equipment and twice as much mat space.  With the additional space ACC is now accepting new members.  Additionally,  ACC will now be providing children's self defense classes and forming a grappling competition team.  Stop in a visit us at 20 East Main St. Schuylkill Haven or call 570-385-7050 for more information.

The Battle at the Ballroom

Two Anthracite Combat Club members will compete this Feb. 3rd at the Lakeside Ballroom in Barnesville.  Gino Youry returns to the cage after securing a win in his last outing.  Gino looks to better his record which is now 2 wins and 1 loss.  Also making his MMA debute is Andy Seiler which is ACC newest fight member.  Tickets are on sale now.  Please contact the team or fighter for purchases. 

Former ACC Teammate Saves Own Life!

Tucker Elliott, a former Schuylkill Haven resident and ACC teammate, was enjoying a great nights sleep when he was startled awake in his new Orlando Florida apartment.  Tucker is currently attending college in Orlando and, after spending his first night in his new apartment, woke up to a handgun pointed at his head.  While Tucker was sleeping, two assailants broke into the apartment with the intent to steal valuables.  One of the assailants made the mistake of pointing a weapon at Tucker and gave commands to submitt to their treachery.  In an instinctive reaction, Tucker swatted the gun from his face and the grappling match was on.  While grappling with the assailant, the co-conspirator  was hitting Tucker in an attempt to free his partner.  Now, anyone who has had the "pleasure" to grapple with Tucker knows you are not getting out of his guard easily.  Tucker maneuvered the dirtbag taking his back and choked rendered him uncons

Mon, 2011-09-05 15:00
Orlando Florida

Eugene Lee Youry Takes Second Victory!

On Saturday September 5, 2001 Gino Yourey secured his second MMA victory.  The bout took place at the Kingston Armory in Wilks Barra.  Cage Time 4 matched Gino against John Carpenter who was making his MMA debut.  Gino dominated the contest from start to finish.  The bout was close to being stopped due to a third round onslaught of strikes delivered by Gino, who left his opponent up after securing a double leg take down earlier in the round.  Congrates to Gino and his teammates-Ben,Goat,Ranger,Blake,Project, and all the others who helped prepare Gino for the event. 

Sat, 2011-09-03 23:00
Wilks Barra

Kock Secures Win! Yourey Drops Decision.

Don Kock secured his fifth victory by locking in a front choke just seconds into the second round.  After a first round of both fighter feeling each other out Don came out swinging for the start of the second round.  His opponent agreed with the tactic and both stood toe to toe exchanging blows.  With both fighter landing some good shots Don snapped his opponents head down and secured the choke rendering him unconscience.  Congratulations to Don!

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