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Promotion Granted!

On Friday August 23, 2013 Jeff Walcott received his brown belt from Professor Dave Hertzog.  This is a great honor considering the highly regarded reputation that Professor Hertzog has established in BJJ.  Just some of his accomplishments include:

3X World Championship No-Gi silver medalist.

Pan American bronze medalist.

2x Pan Am No Gi medalist

And Grappler's Quest Champion.

We look forward to continuing our training with Professor Hertzog for many more years. 

Brown Belt

NAGA Battle at the Beach Results

On Sunday August 4, 2013 Vance and Gannon Walcott competed at the NAGA Battle at the Beach Tourney in Wildwood NJ.  This was both Vance and Gannon's first event.  Vance Walcott secured siver medals in both the gi and no gi divisions.  Gannon Walcott took Gold in the gi division and bronze in the no gi.  We are very proud of both boys and look forward to many more competitions.  CONGRATS! And keep up the hard work.

Blake Uhler Wins!

Ulher wins.

Blake Uhler won his first MMA fight this past Saturday night.  All three judges scored the fight 30-27 in favor of Blake.  This was a great first fight for Blake who had an opponent that was very game.  Both were very aggressive and pushed the pace for all three rounds.  ACC looks forward to Blake's next fight later this summer.  At least one more before our future Marine leaves for boot.  Great Job Blake!

Eugene Lee Youry Takes Second Victory!

On Saturday September 5, 2001 Gino Yourey secured his second MMA victory.  The bout took place at the Kingston Armory in Wilks Barra.  Cage Time 4 matched Gino against John Carpenter who was making his MMA debut.  Gino dominated the contest from start to finish.  The bout was close to being stopped due to a third round onslaught of strikes delivered by Gino, who left his opponent up after securing a double leg take down earlier in the round.  Congrates to Gino and his teammates-Ben,Goat,Ranger,Blake,Project, and all the others who helped prepare Gino for the event. 

Sat, 2011-09-03 23:00
Wilks Barra

Kock Secures Win! Yourey Drops Decision.

Don Kock secured his fifth victory by locking in a front choke just seconds into the second round.  After a first round of both fighter feeling each other out Don came out swinging for the start of the second round.  His opponent agreed with the tactic and both stood toe to toe exchanging blows.  With both fighter landing some good shots Don snapped his opponents head down and secured the choke rendering him unconscience.  Congratulations to Don!

Gino Yourey Takes First At PA Warrior Challenge

On June 4, 2011 Gino Yourey competed in the Central Pennsylvania Warrior Challenge in Lancaster.  Gino took first place in the adult intermediate division defeating both of his opponents via choke in less than two minutes.  Congradulations to Gino and we look forward to his second MMA bout on July 23, 2011 at the Hamburg Field house.

Sat, 2011-06-04 09:00
PA Warrior Challenge

Gino Yourey wins debut!

dGino Yourey

Pictured above L-R Gino Sr., Gino Yourey, Jeff Walcott

Gino Yourey impressed all with poise and determination.

Sat, 2010-09-18 (All day)
Hamburg Field House

Blake Uhler Take First At Kumite Classic In Pittsburgh

 Blake Uhler


On May 29, 2010, Blake competed in the Kumite Classic which was held in Pittsburgh, Pa.  Blake placed first in his age and weight group by submitting his first opponent with an arm bar and submitting his second opponent with a guillotine.

Brad "The Grizz" Brandt places in top four.

Grizz Grappling

ACC member Brad "The Grizz" Brandt competed in his first grappling tourney the past February. The Grizz competed in the Central PA Warrior Challenge which was held in Lancaster, PA.

Brad finished fourth in his weight division by winning two of his three matches. Congrats to Brad and we are looking forward to his MMA debute soon.

Bova Dominates!!

Jim Bova Tony Willams GNPThis past Friday night Jim Bova steam rolled over his opponent to secure this fourth professional MMA win and twelfth overall. Seconds after the round one bell sounded Jim Bova slipped Tony Williams jab and secured an upper body clinch. Jim was well aware of his opponent's dangerous standup skills and wasted no time in pinning Tony up against the cage. Shortly after, Jim took Tony Williams to the mat and secured top side control. Jim then worked to knee on the belly and started his onslaught of punches. Tony eventually turned to avoid Jim's strikes which allowed Jim to establish rear mount. Continuing with his delivery of heavy blows Bova kept pressuring. Toney Williams displayed a fighter's spirit and refused to submit to Bova's relentless attack.

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