October, 2014

Promotion Granted!

August 2014- IBJJF certified BJJ black belt Matt Melusky tested and promoted Gino Yourey to the rank of blue belt.  Gino was put through a rigorous testing procedure which included rolling for 30 minutes nonstop against multiple opponents.  Gino made it through and now wears the well deserved blue.  Congrats! 

ACC students take on NAGA Battle at the Beach!

August 2014-  ACC students competed in Wildwood NJ at the NAGA Battle at the Beach.  We are very proud of our students who demonstrated an undeniable fighting spirit and a will to win.  But most importantly, they all displayed honor in victory and defeat.  A few highlights worth mentioning is first the success of ACC heavyweight Gino Yourey who took gold by going 5-0 in his division.  Vance and Gannon Walcott both took home gold metals in thier respective divisions with Gannon securing his second champion title in as many years.  First time competitor Brian Moran secured a silver metal in his division and displayed an energetic style that was tough to match.  Also securing wins were Jim Kazanowski and Jake Frew.  We look forward to many more enjoyable matches in the future.