November, 2007

MMA Seminar to be held at the Blitz Center in Edgewater, NJ

Anthracite combat club coach, Jeff Walcott, and team competitor's will be conducting a mixed martial arts seminar on Sunday, December 2 at noon. For more information, please see our flyer .

After a strong first round, Ott succumbs to a Head & Arm Choke

Shane Ott managed to take down the Olympic wrestler Antoine Jaoude in the beginning of the fight. After passing Jaoude's guard and almost securing a Kimura from the side mount, Ott took the back of Jauode. Unable to secure his hooks in Jauode's legs, Ott lost his position and the fighters were back on their feet. Ott landed a solid punch on Jauode while trying to defend Jaoude's takedown. Ott was taken down and immediately placed in a head and arm choke. The match was stopped as Ott, unable to defend the attack, lost consciousness.

Ott to fight tonight in the IFL Grand Prix

The weigh-ins are complete and the bout order is set for tonight's IFL Grand Prix. Shane weighed in one half pound under the 265 pound weight class. His opponent, Antoine Jaoude, tipped the scale at 248 pounds. The sixth bout, on a ten bout card, well determine which fighter advances to the finals. We all wish Shane luck! Check back soon for updates!